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Questions tagged [review]

Actions taken in hindsight to investigate testing outcome in order to discover mistakes and improve efficiency.

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Should we do peer reviewing with end-to-end tests?

Should we as an end-to-end tester, peer review the tests from other testers in our team? The developers do that and it seems very useful. For example, only accepting pull requests if they have been ...
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Is it fair to report a bug discovered during code review without performing a test?

I'm QA with some programming experience, so I am able to debug and review the code of the system under test. I also often read the code to understand how to define request or what response should I ...
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New to code reviews. How to approach from a software test engineer perspective?

I may be expected to perform code reviews in what'll likely be Java. The thing is, I'm a software test engineer. I've never been a developer nor programmer. I've always thought another developer would ...
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Is it common to track defects found during code reviews?

In "Applied Software Measurement" and "Code Complete" the authors state concrete numbers for removal efficiency of defects found during code reviews (formal, informal etc). Is it common to track ...
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Handling of Test Documents throughout Retests

Community, I'm currently doing development and tests for a Windows Desktop Application that plays together with some PLCs. One of my main tasks is to perform Functional Tests on a System Level for ...
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Four eyes principle in a distributed team

I'm currently rolling out some quality principles and associated techniques in our development team. What proved essential in my last projects was the four-eyes-principle, i.e. that before each commit,...
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What is a good test review process for sporadic failures

A conversation has been started recently in my company, about the report of sporadic test failures. Every QA team has different processes. In our team for example, the test review occurs in weekly ...
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What is so specific about reentrancy? [closed]

Developers and testers are obsessed with ensuring (or avioding) the reentrancy. Organizations always analyze it specially (e.g. this one says: Many functions must complete their execution and return ...
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What's a significant slogan for the formal review process?

I hope this is the right QA site to ask this question, if not, please give me a hint, where to ask it :-) In my study (computer science) we got a module named "Software Quality", where the focus is ...
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reviews format for external program or system

I have some tasks to do for reviews, but the program that I will reviewed was not mine.. It comes from external and nothing documentations of it.. I already run test on it and it delivered some ...
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Structuring of a test strategy paper (Review)

The first step is not to create a test plan, but a strategy paper which should provide basic information about the planning of a new concept. Since I am here with a customer who needs information for ...
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