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Robot Framework is an open-source test automation framework for acceptance testing and ATDD (acceptance test driven development).

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Jenkins Build Is Hanging

We are using Jenkins for continuous integration. I have already created a Jenkins job for running all my robot framework automation test scripts & Everything was absolutely working fine. But now,...
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Robot Framework - Best keyword to tab off an element

I am using Robot Framework and Selenium and have a drop down combo element that I need to focus on and tab off in order to fire a validation message. I cannot use Press Keys or Click Element as it ...
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RobotFramework AutoItLibrary.Run test case passing, but no window shown

I have Python 3.7.0, Robot Framework 3.2.2, and AutoItLibrary 1.2.7 installed. I have the following test case to simply run an app I have developed in .NET: *** Settings *** Library ...
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Attach Existing browser session in SeleniumLibrary RobotFramework

I have an LDAP alert box that pops up as soon as the browser is opened. I am Using Robotframework with the seleniumlibrary for my automation scripts.The issue is that the execution of the script ...
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How to get actual element position from webpage during css transition in python?

I am trying to speed up a test by not waiting for a css transition to happen, but rather have a WebDriverWait handle the task for me. Currently it looks to me that lambda elem: elem.location["x"] ...
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How to extend Selenium2Library by creating new RobotFramework keywords using Selenium WebDriver in Java?

I'm trying to extend the Selenium2Library python library (1.8.0) by implementing new Robot Framework keywords using Selenium WebDriver in Java. In order to do that, I need to be able to retrieve the ...
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Robot framework: how to point to libraries folder other than default?

I've set up a Maven project that uses Selenium (as a dependency) and would like to add Robot. The thing is, according to Third party libraries (e.g. Selenium ...
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How to download multiple files in local system using POST API request in robot framework rather than in binary form data

I struck in one scenario in which i need to download multiple files in local repository using POST API request in robot framework. I tried below code but not able to resolve the issue. ${headers}= ...
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Keyword hierarchy in robot framework

I would like to ask, what is the best way to organize keywords in robot framework. I am using robot framework to test backend application using rest interface. I have multiple keywords stored in robot ...
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keywords missing after install robotframework-autoitlibrary

I followed the steps below to install robotframework-autoitlibrary 1.Open cmd in "Run as administrator" mode the command pip install robotframework-autoitlibrary 3.Now clone the autoit ...
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How to test RobotFramework test library using mock objects

I have created a RobotFramework test library in Python. It internally utilizes paramiko and paramiko-expect packages to connect to various *nix hosts and execute Unix commands. I have been reading ...
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How to paste the text to the next line using Robot Framework?

I have copied some text from the website and then pasted it into the text file. And also I did the same thing to paste the second text using the "Append To File" keyword. I want to paste the ...
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check video playback on Mobile App

I am working on a hybrid mobile app (React native) automated testing project using robot framework and Appium, i'm looking for a way to test videos streaming. Is there a way to test if the video ...
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How to assign defined keyword as value of variable in Robot Framework? How to run a Variable as Keyword?

I'm currently using Robot Framework for creating UI automation for our project. And I would like to know how to assign defined keyword as a variable value and how to run variable as keyword?
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Robot Framework UI Test Fails Due to CSRF

Recently our devs implemented a CSRF protection, and then my scripts (web ui) started to fail one by one. I looked into it and it's getting this error on console Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://...
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No keyword with name error

I'm new to automation and I've been doing some training on PyCharm. I have just separated out my script into a resource file to clean it up as per the Udemy course I am using. When I try and run the ...
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