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Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language.

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How to use multiple wait conditions in Selenium Webdriver using ruby?

I wanted to know, how I can use following waits in program at which situations? driver.manage.timeouts.implicit_wait = 20 driver.manage.timeouts.script_timeout = 20 driver.manage.timeouts.page_load = ...
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Headless Chrome with Docker Compose

I'm currently trying to setup headless chrome testing with Capybara in my docker-compose file. However, I keep getting that chromedriver has failed to start because it had crashed. Selenium::...
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My mock test for Github client contains messy stubbing and it feels like I'm testing implementation details

I wrote a GithubClient class which is basically a wrapper for Ruby's Octokit library. It contains one public method aside from the constructor, called push, which basically creates commit in the ...
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Header isnt being sent when using faraday gem ruby

I am doing an Api automation in Ruby and I am using the Gem Faraday to automate a file upload in my API. I have the follow problem: My Header is not being sent. I just tried all the options and is ...
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(Ruby) How can I invoke multiples Selenium Webdriver just in one browser POM

I'm a newbie on ruby language... Currently, I am using POM (page objects model) with Selenium webdriver. This is my trouble: As I'm using selenium with POM, I have 3 classes (, ...
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Cucumber/Selenium WebDriver Ruby not popping a browser during remote session (TeamViewer)

This is a bit of a mystery. I'm running a remote desktop session using TeamViewer in an OSx system (which behaves like an ordinary console in every way that I can detect). From the command line, I'...
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Can't find button and click

Got a button that changes state when clicked on. But, I cannot "find the button, even when in it's default state.: Source code: <div class="alert alert-warning" ng-hide="show_cd_only"> <...
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I am new with Ruby and Cucumber and I got this error undefined method `col_span' for class `Watir::TableCell' (NameError) what should I do?

I am new with Ruby and Cucumber and I got this error: undefined method 'col_span' for class 'Watir::TableCell' (NameError) What should I do?
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How can I integrate database validation (queries, updates) in Ruby, Cucumber, Watir project in RubyMine

I have setup a project in RubyMine using Ruby with Cucumber, RSPEC, and Watir for UI automation of feature files. (I also have page objects implemented). In my step_definitions where the actual UI ...
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