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SAP is an ERP system solution developed by SAP AG company.

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How do I test a Web-Service with Single-Sign-On authentification?

I am trying to test a Web-Service that is created in an SAP System with SoapUI. Normally I would provide a user name and password in order to authenticate the call. The problem that I am having is ...
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How to make Ranorex detect SAP?

I have Ranorex 6.2.0 and I want to automate SAP. I already followed the instructions, so I have SAP scripting enabled on server side (transaction RZ10, sapgui/user_scriptingto TRUE) restarted the ...
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Can I shift to SAP Testing [closed]

Currently I am working on manual and automation testing(selenium) and I am interested in SAP testing. If I learn SAP testing, will it be useful after learning SAP testing. If I attend interviews with ...
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Performance Testing tool for win & web applications

My team is looking for a performance testing tool that can work on both Win&Web application. Our application contains an SAP 3D Viewer inside. We are considering Borland Silk Perfomer & HP ...
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Test Automation for SAP

I'm evaluating a number of test automation framworks to implement on a SAP project. Right now I'm looking at Fitnesse, which we believe we can write some fixtures for, to call SAP Green Hat, which ...
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