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SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test

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Is it possible to use Appium to automate an iOS application on a Windows machine?

I need to automate an iOS application with Appium, C# on a Windows PC using SauceLab. I can utilize any real-time device or emulator that is linked to saucelab. I only have a Windows computer here. Is ...
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Not able to match ChromeDriver version with chrome version

So at my current job I’m at a pinch, we can’t just download executable jars and use them. We have to request to download whatever we want . So the problem is , our chrome gets auto updated where as we ...
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Is it possible to become a SDET(QA Automated) without having experience, with the free paths of Test Automation University from Applittols? [closed]

I'm new in the community. I have worked for several years as a programmer maintaining code and fixing bugs of ready-made applications. Thanks for your answers, Best regards. Reference https://...
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Test Design Interview Question - How will you test a photo sharing app (like Instagram)

The interview format for Software Engineers at FAANG (and similar companies that follow the same structure) comprise of a System Design Interview portion. From recent interview experience, I learnt ...
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Which AWS certification to pursue for a road towards becoming an SDET/test architect? [closed]

Should I go for an AWS certified Developer associate? Since I have good programming experience related to Test automation and want to move my career as a Test architect or tools and automation ...
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What is the level of coding needed to be a QA automation engineer?

I'm a manual tester that has started to work on appium and selenium automation work, but I have not architect a framework nor can I write code to work with an api to integrate lets say Testrails and ...
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How to provide more value from test automation to Dev/entire team?

Working primarily as UI test automation engineer, what further steps one should take to be more valuable & useful to the Dev team. How one take automation to a level where it becomes an handy ...
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How testing/QA Org should be positioned?

I've worked with companies which had positioned SDET/QA org in different ways in the company. Some companies let Dev and Testers work together as part of Engineering team. Unless the goal of ...
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What are key advantages of adding developer who can test vs tester who can code

Background: To hire for an engineer position in a small(2-3 developers) agile team where there is no existing "tester" in the team. Problem statement: We are trying to decide what skills we should be ...
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SDET working remotely

While there may be tons of remote work for developers/programmers, I don't see much for SDET positions being offered remotely. By remote I mean 100% working from home, and may not be located even ...
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What is the difference between Software Test Engineer, Test Automation Engineer and Software Developer in Test (SDET)?

Software Test Engineer usualy performs “manual” testing (without spending time on automating and supporting the tests). Usually is responsible to find all (as more as possible) critical bugs in the ...
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