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Used for questions about using Selenium WebDriver, a browser automation framework frequently used to automate testing in a browser.

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Element is working for the local but not for the jenkins in selenium

There is tool tip scenario it is working fine in my local but getting unable to locate element in jenkins. I have given wait and also using isDisplayed() method to get the element .I have to verify ...
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What is the difference between the Selenium tool and the Cypress tool?

What is the difference between the Selenium tool and Cypress tool? How they both are works differently from each other?
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How to make a test fail if driver takes long time to look for an element. I am not sure which elements will throw this exception

I am not sure which elements will throw this exception.In general is there any method other than providing - a page load time out , implicit, explicit or frequent wait for a particular element .
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Unable to find the element using XPath

XPath: //*[@id=\"clB\"]/div[1]/div[1]/a/div Exception: Exception in thread "main" org.openqa.selenium.InvalidSelectorException: invalid selector: Unable to locate an element with the xpath ...
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Unable to locate webelement which is wrapped in nested classes

My task is to locate "quote1" and click on "add" button: <div Class = “binder” <div class = “books ” <form style = “book1” <div class = “pages ” <div class = “page1” <div class = “...
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Page chaining in POM method

I have created three packages. generic webpage script In generic I have base test and other common methods. In webpage I created class for each web page. In Script I have my testcases. I need ...
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Getting NullPointerException while performing getText alert handling

String alreadyuploaded="Mentioned upload file has already been uploaded"; String msg= DriverUtility.waitForAlertMsg(driver); if(msg!= null && msg.contains("Wrong")|| msg.contains("Duplicate")|...
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Iterating in drop down through selenium web driver

How do I iterate in drop-down using Selenium Webdriver? I have a drop-down like B008124/001, B008124/002, B008124/003, B008124/004. Here I have to select B008124/001 and perform some option like ...
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