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Use for questions about Selenium 2. Selenium 2 is the second major release of Selenium, an open source framework for testing web applications. A major difference between Selenium 1 and Selenium 2 is the latter's use of WebDriver.

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Integrating Selenium Webdriver tests written in Java to SpiraTest

I'm interested in SpiraTest's and Selenium Webdriver's collaboration. My objective - launch a Selenium test written in Java on Eclipse. Can the SpiraTest quality management tool run .exe or .bat files ...
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Jenkins Build Is Hanging

We are using Jenkins for continuous integration. I have already created a Jenkins job for running all my robot framework automation test scripts & Everything was absolutely working fine. But now,...
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Getting and logging the selenium version used in a groovy project

I'm using Selenium in my Groovy application as a Maven dependency. Now I'm looking for a way to log the used Selenium Version to the console. I tried this: BuildInfo info = new BuildInfo(); def ...
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How to set browser window size using Phantom JS + Java

I am working on PhantomJS with Java for one of my project. I am looking for some help in working with PhantomJS in following scenario. Scenario: Step-1: Mouse hover on tab/link then 2 sub-links will ...
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How do I access fields within Braintree's Hosted Fields' iframes using selenium

On my application payment gateway is Braintree, I need to automate it and face some difficulties when I am automating it, the major problem is I cannot send credit card details using xpath, I research ...
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How to print the webservice(jqurey) hit on the console for search functionality

Open a website, press F12 go to network option and enable preserve log now type the work you want to search eg:dogs we can see the service "" here i want the ...
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how to use javascript in selenium for get data from excel

I am using selenium for data entry there are some drop downs in my web page I use dropDown.selectByVisibleText(input.getCellData(i, 0)); for every one but after first drop down it is not working ...
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search string text in search grid is not working using send keys

I am passing sendKeys( ) through search grid to search a particular string.I am able to click that search text but its not clicking the search string ,Below is the html for that search text: <...
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How to select city based on city name in mat-option-text?

I need to find a specific city from a drop down list. I have tried using the xpath but the id number for the city keeps changing. The element from the website is below: <mat-option role="...
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Not able to Launch Edge with Remote Driver can some one pls help

DesiredCapabilities capabillities = DesiredCapabilities.edge(); capabillities.setBrowserName(BrowserType.EDGE); capabillities.setCapability(CapabilityType.ACCEPT_SSL_CERTS, ...
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How to get data from PDF from URL having authentication using selenium?

I need to automate this flow where a PDF will be opened when i use the URL and enter the authentication. This flow has to be automated using Selenium. I tried PDFbox API but it works only for URL ...
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Fetch paid Amount value from iframe

if(ScenarioName.equals("MoveinwithVantivCard")) { driver.findElement("btnsave")).click(); // driver.switchTo().frame("paymentIFrame"); driver.switchTo().frame(driver.findElement(By....
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Selenium Grid2 and Sikuli

Has anyone tried integrating Sikuli to Selenium Grid architecture? I have read many articles online but unfortunately couldn't reach to a solution. To briefly explain, my scripts are equipped with ...
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Breadcrumb Element not visible when site opened through Automation

I have to check the breadcrumb element (Dashboard) on a webpage. When opened manually, the Dashboard element appears with icons and is operational, but when run through Java Selenium Eclipse Script, ...
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Trying to find span element by class and text with Selenium Java

<span class="icon-holder"> <i class="c-brown-500 ti-package"></i> </span> <span class="title">Vehicle Import</...
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when I try to launch any driver the webpage is not getting loaded

org.openqa.selenium.firefox.NotConnectedException: Unable to connect to host on port 7055 after 45000 ms. Firefox console output: syncGUID":"{4ef3f74f-a8c6-4d0a-9f70-82419b95c42f}","...
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Unable to click on checkbox using Selenium & Java

please send me the full code I tried Some XPath and CSS: XPath: //div[@id='autofill']/div/label //div[4]/div/label CSS: div.col-md-1.checkbox.checkbox-primary > label* but using above ...
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