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Selenium has upgraded to Selenium 4 from Selenium 3.141. Use this tag to ask any question regarding Selenium version 4.

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Selenium latest version is not able to launch FireFox browser in Ubuntu 20.04

I'm trying to automate web tests with Selenium and Java in Ubuntu OS. Earlier versions of Selenium used to work very well with older version of Firefox in Ubuntu. Since I upgraded to Selenium 4+ (...
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After updating Google Chrome and Selenium, tests are not running with ChromeDriver

After updating Google Chrome and Selenium, tests are not running with ChromeDriver. System: OS: Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS Selenium: selenium-server-4.8.1.jar Chrome: Version 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) (...
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How to read and pass multiple data from excel in selenium

My excel sheet has 2 columns Username& Password with different 5 records, I want to read and pass data from this excel and want to open 5 chrome browsers with these 5 users. How can this achieve?
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How to create new user defined method for picking date from .csv file as param and automate script through Selenium with Java?

I need to create a method to read a date from a CSV file as a parameter. I also need to automate selecting that date from the calendar tool whose HTML is below. I'm using Selenium with Java. <div ...
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Selenium controlled Chrome and Edge can't both access webcams

I am using Selenium 4 in java to control Chrome and Edge and other browsers in order to test a video call app. I have a test where I'm starting up 2 different browsers at once in order to get them to ...
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