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A software tester self-educates any topic related to software testing, whether towards to a tool or a certificate.

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Manual Tester wanting to learn programming- Coding Bootcamp Y/N?

I have been a manual QA tester for ~3 years and my company is starting to take steps towards automated testing. We haven't decided on a language yet (though we will almost definitely be using Selenium)...
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Learn Software Testing and Automation Testing [closed]

I have been working as Developer(Java/Grails) since 3 years, I would like to switch to Testing specially Automation testing. I would like to ask for some help. I just cannot yet decide what to refer ...
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Advanced selenium webdriver tutorial/course [duplicate]

Is there an online advanced/intermediate tutorial on Selenium Webdriver. Preferably using Java. I've searched a lot but could not find such a course/tutorial. Almost 99% are very basic, and I would ...
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What are the steps I should take to learn Selenium on the side?

I am currently working a full-time job in QA that does not utilize Selenium. However, I am interested in learning about how to use it and wanted to know what steps I should take to gain knowledge of ...
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Software Testing and Quality Assurance job search advice

Just to put the question at top: How can I 'break' into the Software Test Lead or Software Test Automation world from being a tester? Is there any suggestions for what to study to advance ...
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What do I need to start from zero in automated testing?

I am new to testing. I need to learn because I have an opportunity to work in this field in the the future. I would like to know what I need to get started. Preferably, I would like to study automated ...
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Load testing APIs & web services resource?

I'm looking for a good, in-depth resource for load testing REST APIs and web services that goes well beyond "beginner load testing". I'm wanting a technology-agnostic resource that focuses on the ...
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3 answers

Is it a good idea to learn Selenium RC alongside Webdriver

I have recently started exploring Selenium. According to the experts future lies in Selenium Webdriver. But my question is being a predecessor should I also learn Selenium RC? Will it be worth ...
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4 answers

Software Testing as a career path? Becoming a test architect

I am working as a software tester, basically black box using both manual and automation testing approaches. Looking down the lane, I see several career paths ahead of me, but definitely not manual ...
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2 answers

How close is functional testing related to security testing?

I am working as a functional software tester now.I want to make a head start in the field of security testing such as security testing of web applications etc.I know this is a subjective question,but ...
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How to approach the BBST Courses

I’ve heard many references to the Black Box Software Testing courses and as such I'm interested in going through the coursework. There is a lot of information thrown on the site and no real guidance ...
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My team codes in one language, I want to test using another. What can go wrong?

The people I work with are .NET programmers that aren't exactly on the BDD/TDD bandwagon yet. I'm the main web designer, but for the past few months I've also been assigned the tester role as well (...
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5 answers

Are testing conferences usually worth attending?

I'm considering asking my boss about sending me to STARWest, but I'm wondering if it's valuable enough for me to justify the expense to the company to him (there is no way I could afford to go on my ...
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11 answers

Recommend a Good QA Book

What books are people reading that you would recommend. I've just finished up "Beautiful Testing" (which I would highly recommend) and need to pick up another book. I'm looking for something fairly ...
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7 answers

Developers have code kata to practice skills. What test equivalents are there?

Deliberate practice is the key to developing mastery of a skill. If you want to practice your programming skills, there are a wealth of resources like code kata. What are the equivalents for test ...
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Testing techniques repository?

I was wondering if there are any repositories or wikis of formal testing techniques - test design ideas, like pairwise or boundary. I couldn't find one so far. Thanks! Ahmet
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Alternatives to ISEB

I can see why the community can sort of look down on the ISEB exams (at least the Foundation - I haven't looked at the material for any of the others). So I got to wondering exactly what similar ...