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Serenity BDD helps you write cleaner and more maintainable automated acceptance and regression tests faster. Serenity also uses the test results to produce illustrated, narrative reports that document and describe what your application does and how it works. Serenity tells you not only what tests have been executed, but more importantly, what requirements have been tested.

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AssertTrue need to be used in cucumber BDD JUNIT JAVA SELENIUM INTELLIJ

If I need to validate video1 should have some video attached similarly video2 has one video attached and video 3 has video attached whether it is attached or not. Can anyone explain me with this. ...
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Configuring Serenity BDD to use Safari with any SSL Certificate

I am using Serenity BDD for automation testing of four browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari). I have configured serenity.conf with browser specific configuration for Chrome and Firefox so that ...
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Is it possible to automatically aggregate / collect test results from different projects using Serenity BDD?

I use Serenity BDD in multiple maven projects. I would like to collect basic information (number of passed and failed cases, time of execution) from all project into one place - one HTML, CSV file, ...
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Should I be using WebDriverFacade or WebDriver or PageObject?

What is the difference between using WebDriverFacade as opposed to Page Objects. I searched a lot and just can't seem to understand or find the answers. I am declaring WebDriverFacade for all my ...
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How do I create a BaseClass that adds logging messages?

I am using serenity BDD for my automation testing and Page Object Model for my framework. I have created a BasePage class which will be inherited by all the other Pages. I want to minimize the logging ...
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Serenity BDD and RabbitMQ use together

Details Currently we are in the process of integrating RabbitMQ into our stages. I sell here accordingly a test plan through. Currently we use the test framework Serenity and here also for the Api ...
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Cucumber with and without Rest - Assured. What are the advantages?

Currently my team uses Cucumber as a testing framework. We need to start testing REST web services. I understood that REST-Assured is one of the leading tools for that. Can these tools be used in ...
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Manual test steps with serenity screenplay pattern

Does anyone know if there is a way to list the test steps of manual tests like seen here without using cucumber. I am using the screenplay pattern like this @Test @Manual(result = TestResult....
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Getting Serenity HTML reports during execution

I am using Serenity with Cucumber. Here the HTML report created for each scenario is with a random string. My questions: Can we rename those individual HTML report by scenario name?. Is the ...
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