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HP ALM 12.53 - Dashboard on Sharepoint

We try to achieve a dynamic overview for our management according all HP ALM Projects on the SharePoint What we got so far is the “Share Analysis Item” – link (“Copy Analysis Item Public URL” ) embed ...
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Sharepoint Automation

I am trying to automate SharePoint test cases. I am finding an issue while finding an element locator for actual result, updated by, update date. Does anyone know how to find the locators? HTML: <...
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Unable to locate element (Selenium, Sharepoint2010) [closed]

I'm new in QA. I'm using VisualStudio 2017 + Selenium WebDriver. I'm Trying driver.FindElementById in Sharepoint 2010 web page. It is part of the DOM: <div id="ctl00_MSO_ContentDiv"> <a ...
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