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Questions tagged [sikuli]

Sikuli is an open-source tool for Visual Automation and Testing developed at MIT using images to locate GUI elements on the screen and allows to act on them with mouse and keyboard, uses Jython as scripting language.

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28 votes
16 answers

Under what circumstances is Sikuli better for test automation than Selenium or Watir?

The Sikuli website says: Sikuli is a visual technology to automate and test graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images (screenshots). Under what circumstances is Sikuli a better technology for ...
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2 votes
1 answer

SikuliSharp versus Sikuli4Net - why can't I get the first to work?

So, I'm trying to combine Sikuli with Selenium tests in C#. Sikuli4Net is working, but SikuliSharp isn't doing anything except not finding the images. They are however the exact same ones I'm using ...
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Sikuli verification/assertion text image

It is possible to verify the text in image using sikuil plugin with java running on eclipse? I'm testing a scenario where i double click on a saved notepad, i should able to verify that the notepad ...
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Sikuli selection of items in lists

There is a drop down list in application where you can see (in drop down area) only ~5% of all the elements. So I can not find the way to select random value from the list. Selection of random item ...
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2 answers

sikuli runtime error in eclipse ide

i am hitting an error for the code below, this is my first time running eclipse with sikuli to automate desktop application. the image is an icon of a new folder in desktop. any help? import org....
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