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Questions tagged [sikuli]

Sikuli is an open-source tool for Visual Automation and Testing developed at MIT using images to locate GUI elements on the screen and allows to act on them with mouse and keyboard, uses Jython as scripting language.

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AngularJS - Testing User Permissions/ User Access Levels

In our web-application(built on Bootstrap and Angular), certain tabs in the navbar are displayed only to particular users. Certain input boxes/ buttons are enabled only to certain users. I want to ...
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With Sukuli, is it possible to apply an automorphism before matching the images?

The best case scenario would be matching images projected in a 3D environment. With Sikuli (or simply with OpenCV), the worst would be to match as is. But a quicker algorithm would be to apply a ...
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Sikuli4Net is giving me an error on C# selenium

I was trying to implement image based verification on my selenium project with the help on Sikuli4Net. After following some tutorials I'm getting an error as below. The request was aborted: Could not ...
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Sikuli IDE or Eclipse/JAVA for windows based application?

I am trying to prepare a POC using Sikuli. Can any one suggest me what is the best approach to use Sikuli for a windows based application ? Should I use Java with Eclipse or the Sikuli IDE itself?
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Selenium Grid2 and Sikuli

Has anyone tried integrating Sikuli to Selenium Grid architecture? I have read many articles online but unfortunately couldn't reach to a solution. To briefly explain, my scripts are equipped with ...
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