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Silk Test is a test automation solution for development, quality and business teams.

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Code to automate a web form in SilkTest tool using VB/.NET Language? [closed]

I am new to Silk test and dont know VB or .NET coding. Please provide a sample code to automate a website/form in VB or .NET?
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Send hotkeys to Silk webdriver

I use Silk Webdriver to make Selenium tests. In my application there are a lot of hotkeys (functions keys and ctrl+key combinations) to make the application easier to use. How can I send those ...
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What is the difference between window and winclass in Silktest?

What is the difference between window and winclass in Silktest? I find both to be similiar. Can anyone please explain?
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Possible to Extract out Silktest Keywords

Starting up on a Project again, which in its 1st phase the PM agreed us Testers will be using Silk test(never asked just told) Long story short we were able to automate a large part of the application ...
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Export tests from TestLink to SilkCentral

I need to export some test cases from TestLink to SilkCentral. Is there any way to do it?
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Is SilkTest a good Automation tool like Selenium? [closed]

I have 3 + years experience in Selenium Automation. Now i got an opportunity in a company to work in SilkTest Automation tool. Is it good to learn SilkTest? Is it really worth to learn and can it be ...
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What tools are available for automated testing of Flex/HTML5?

I have been tasked with implementing automated testing for a web portal. The product is currently developed using Flex, but we will be transitioning to HTML5 at some point. My supervisors want a tool, ...
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Why isn't SilkTest more common to use?

The title says it all. I've been using SilkTest for about a year now in my current role. It wasn't my choice to use, and I've never used it, or even heard of it, before this role. There are definitely ...
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