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For issues related to testing applications written using Microsoft Silver light.

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Telerik vs TestComplete for Silverlight web application automation

I am looking to automate regression testing of our web application software. Has anyone used Telerik or TestComplete before for testing Silverlight applications, and if you have, can you share your ...
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Silverlight web application automation tools? [duplicate]

I am looking to automate our regression test cases for a silverlight application we have and was wondering if anyone has done this and could suggest tools that can be used to do this quickly.
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Performance testing of a Silverlight application, using JMeter [duplicate]

I'm trying to test the performance of a Silverlight application using JMeter. Can you please tell me is that possible? If it is possible, can you please provide me the detailed steps to be followed.
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How to test performance and load for Silverlight application in Jmeter

Can anyone provide a step by step process explaining how to test performance and load in Jmeter for a Silverlight application?
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How to deserialize and correlate Binary Large Objects in Load Runner 11.5 Web Custom Request?

I'm working on a Silverlight based application. We've recorded the scripts using Load Runner 11.5 and while replaying to find dynamic values for correlation, we found out that the entire data in a ...
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Finding client-side bottlenecks in Silverlight

I'm in charge of load testing and finding bottlenecks in a Silverlight application - no functionality testing, just load and performance testing. I don't know much about the underlying core of ...
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Is it possible to automate Silverlight in windowless mode?

Does anybody have an application under test (AUT) that uses a mixture of HTML and Silverlight controls, which they have successfully automated? My AUT web app has screens with a mixture of HTML and ...
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Open-source functional testing automation tools for testing Silverlight based applications

I am looking for an open-source functional testing automation tool that supports testing of Silverlight based applications. To be more specific, the tool should be able to recognize objects within ...
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