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Socket is an endpoint of a bidirectional inter-process communication flow. This often refers to a process flow over a network connection, but by no means is limited to such.

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How to debug web-socket connection while running tests in Moon?

The problem is that: Autotests fail when I run tests in Moon Chrome. But the same tests pass when I run them locally in Chrome. I guess this problem is somehow connected with websocket connection ...
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How to do load app socket testing?

We are handling the calling functionality through a socket connection in mobile Application, so anyone helps that know how to test the load on the socket connection? Jmeter is helpful for testing the ...
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How to stress test a web application relying on Socket.IO?

I developed a web application in typescript relying on a node.js server. Now I want to monitor the load time behaviour under stress accessing it on my public development server by virtual users. The ...
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I have 100 Threads in thread group and Ramp up time as 20. Will these 100 threads concurrent if ramp-up time is 20 Seconds?

Is Ramp-up time in Jmeter affects concurrency ? I have 100 Threads in thread group and Ramp up time as 20. Will these 100 threads concurrent if ramp-up time is 20 Seconds? As per theory, I have ...
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Few requests in Jmeter does not get response from server, getting "Socket.timeout" exception

I am running a test plan with 8,000 concurrent users in a Distributed Environment(20 Slaves and One Master) on Jmeter. A few (approx 20-30) requests are not getting any response for a long time (...
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How should I design a testing framework for a trading system?

I work in finance and my firm would really like me to automate our execution platform's testing suite. Right now the tests communicate directly with the system; they are extremely brittle and tightly ...
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Online test platform for sockets

Does anyone know of a website that can accept a TCP/IP socket connection and show data sent to it? There are many sites that can display HTTP transactions and many installable programs that can do ...
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How can I test load for a chat app built on node.js and

Here is the link for a simple chat application with room concept which I'm referring to learn how to create applications - . I need to test how much ...
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What tools are available for testing client/server software in various network topologies?

For testing a client/server platform that communicates over TCP/IP, is there a tool available to mimic various types of interposed network component, such a firewall with NAT or a SOCKS5 server. ...
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Obtaining information about a socket [closed]

On a Windows 7 amd4 box, I have an application that creates a TCP socket. My aim is to check whether this is a dual-stack socket. (Dual-stack sockets are available in Windows since Vista.) For ...
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