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GUI Testing Angular SPA?

Developer here. Our QA team is researching new strategies for E2E testing for a new product. To start, it will be an Angular SPA, and eventually a PWA. They are leaning towards using Quantum / ...
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commit end 2 end / acceptance tests in FE or BE repository?

I have two repositories: Backend API (php/laravel). API tests written with codeception Frontend SPA (vue). tests written with jest I now want to write e2e/acceptance test. The tests should automate ...
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Is it possible to setup a Allure reporting server? [closed]

we have various teams across our business unit. I need to consolidate the test results across the teams and display for Business unit leads. So we were thinking allocate a AWS S3 storage location and ...
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How to perform "front end unit testing" of Single Page Applications?

"Front-end Unit Testing": To test the client side validations from front-end UI tests but in isolation(hence calling unit tests). By isolation mean, testing static HTML pages to avoid unnecessary ...
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Writing tests for a complex Polymer SPA (single page application)

I have a pretty complex Polymer Single Page Application. It has things like Facebook login, online ordering via credit card, as well as user profiles, image uploads, services offered, real-time chat, ...
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What tool to use for end to end testing of SPA (Single Page Application)

What testing tool to use for automating user acceptance testing? The app itself uses react. Should I use Selenium with various wait strategies, Jasmine or a different tool?
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