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An acceptance test driven development and behavior driven development framework for .NET.

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Azure devops test result grouping when using Specflow+ Runner

I am working on a testautomation project using .NET Core 3.1 and Specflow 3.5 using the Specflow+ Runner. I am currently running the testautomation from Azure Devops using the VSTest task (see YAML ...
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Issue with running Restsharp SpecFlow tests using MSTest via command line

I have created restsharp specflow tests using NUnit framework and I am using MSTest as a test runner in app.config file. I tried to run the tests via command line and it does not work - says the tests ...
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Specflow CodedUI Generator Plugin not generating feature files

Okay. So here is where I am at. I am using Specflow 2.2.0 to pair automated unit testing with our CodedUI testing effort. I am developing a plugin to add the CodedUI Test attribute to the Specflow ...
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Automated Tests Hanging TeamCity Build

I am using TeamCity to build a .dll containing a test suite for an api.  The api is composed of asynchronous calls to create/read/update/delete values in a database.  The tests in the .dll were ...
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I am trying to check that two string are not equal using Specflow

I'm trying to compare two strings using this code in a switch statement: case "medStepOne": WebEligibilityMedFirst.SelectOptions(p0); if (!p0.Equals("failOne") || !p0.Equals(&...
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Assertion on Span Tag Value (Selenium Web Driver - C# MSTest - Specflow)

I have a scenario, where I want to Assert the UI is displaying 'Active'. When debugging the assertion, I am trying different methods. This is what I started with: Assert.IsTrue(webdriver.Text.Contains(...
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How to run appium tests parallel in c# specflow?

I am new to C# and Specflow. I am using appium, c# and specflow for automating my tests. I have a app.config file where i am mentioning the environment to be run into. A driver class DeviceDriver.cs ...
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Getting ambiguous error for specflow test

Getting ambiguous error for specflow test. I realized the solution is that two stepdefinitions file share the same identical wording of the Given tag so I had to make it unique and then it solved the ...
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