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Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language for managing data in relational database management systems. This tag is for general SQL programming questions; it is not for Microsoft SQL Server, nor does it refer to specific dialects of SQL on its own.

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What does a Software QA Person Need to Know to Perform Their Job (Essentially)?

I'm doing everything I can to learn about Software QA and Software Testing. I've got a decent understanding of SQL and I'm applying that to MySql as that seems to be the most popular. I understand ...
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What proficiency should a software tester have in SQL?

Both in my current job and in my previous job, there are a number of areas of the application to test that require mining data from a relational database, specifically Microsoft SQL Server of various ...
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MS-SQL server sql test automation

I'm looking to create a batch of automated tests in SQL on MS-SQL server, these will include tests like - insert some records, call stored procedure, check certain conditions in various tables. There ...
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How to test an Excel macro that selects, groups, and counts data using SQL query?

This is the first time I encountered such a problem. There is an Excel table with a macro that selects data from the database using SQL query according to specific criteria. Data is grouped in ...
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Selenium WebDriver (Java) with database [closed]

I want to validate application output result with Database using selenium webdriver (Java). Please let me know how this can be achieved. Or could you please let me know how to use selenium webdriver ...
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