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Questions tagged [sql]

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language for managing data in relational database management systems. This tag is for general SQL programming questions; it is not for Microsoft SQL Server, nor does it refer to specific dialects of SQL on its own.

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1 answer

Conversion failed when converting the varchar value to data type int

I am writing this query in HP ALM 11.52 and facing the error "Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'userid' to data type int" Query is select * from Testcycl join Audit_Log on ...
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How to test Oracle DB?

I have to test using SQL in Oracle if the data stored in the DB is completely correct or not. For example, make sure we are up to date, no future dates, no invalid characters on varchar columns, etc. ...
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HPQC 9.2 compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4

Does Quality centre 9.2 support Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4. Hi Friends, Need your help in understanding compatibility between Quality center 9.2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service ...
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JDBC connection to databricks server is failing in JMeter

I have working JDBC connection to data bricks server in Java code. I'm trying to make similar connection in my JMeter project (tried with apache-jmeter-5.3 and apache-jmeter-5.4.3) using same ...
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How can I integrate database validation (queries, updates) in Ruby, Cucumber, Watir project in RubyMine

I have setup a project in RubyMine using Ruby with Cucumber, RSPEC, and Watir for UI automation of feature files. (I also have page objects implemented). In my step_definitions where the actual UI ...
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How do you store test data into nosql document database for quick read?

I am currently migrating our currently test data that is stored in excel files to a database. Because the type of data in the test results are going to grow we decided to go with nosql instead of sql. ...
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Selenium, data driven testing using NUnit and SQL queries.

I am developing a Selenium Test Automation Framework for the purpose of testing multiple websites. I have currently set up the Framework in Visual Studio using C# and implementing the Page Object ...
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How to connect with Mysql db using Cypress 12?

I want to connect to Mysql DB in the server to delete several records. I have tried using some of the tutorials and answers available. Since all of them are regarding older versions of Cypress, I can'...
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