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For questions about testing involving the use of SSL certificates and/or HTTPS traffic.

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Web3J library is not supporting in groovy script. I have to send transaction through groovy script and check test load in JMETER

I have imported all web3J library and using tried using java_version 16,17 and 20. Every time I am facing issue. When I compiled that script in VSCode. I am facing the same issue. Can someone please ...
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Configuring Serenity BDD to use Safari with any SSL Certificate

I am using Serenity BDD for automation testing of four browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari). I have configured serenity.conf with browser specific configuration for Chrome and Firefox so that ...
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Can not decrypt HTTPS traffic on my iOS 14 device

I have 2 devices with iOS 12 and 14. Both of them are configured the same way: Certificate is downloaded from http://ipv4.fiddler:8866/ Certificate is installed from Settings > Profile Downloaded ...
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Getting timeout error with JMETER VERSION 5.21 Non HTTP ConnectException connection timeout failure

I am simply trying to launch an application with JMETER 5.2.1 for one user. The webserver SSL certification was recently updated because the previous certification had expired. Prior to that JMETER ...
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webtest Request failed: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

I have developed some webtests in VS2017 pointing to a test site which on my local machine run and pass as expected When running these on our test rig I get a "Request failed: The request was aborted:...
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Drawbacks to disabling SSL for functional testing purposes

We've created an OpenLDAP docker image for local development environment and functional testing purposes. We have two protocols to choose from: ldap protocol - port 389 ldaps (LDAP over SSL) ...
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How to do automated SSL server testing?

I want to do automated SSL server testing. Like what Qualys, Inc is offering with SSL Server Test but running fully automated in a build environment like TeamCity or Jenkins. Does anybody know tools/...
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