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Questions tagged [standards]

An established set of criteria that software testing practitioner has to meet or adhere to.

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2 answers

Establishing QA in a new company - models/guidelines to follow?

Our company opens a new subsidiary and my task is to establish the complete QA (QA, not testing) from scratch. For Quality control (testing, reviews, audits etc.) I intend to adopt TMMi Maturity Level ...
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3 answers

Are there standards describing the different processes for software QA on software that you buy/obtain?

We as an organisation need to provide our regulator with a description of the processes describing how we "handle" software (usually computational software) that we buy or obtain from others. These ...
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1 answer

How is SW quality related to ISO 9000 (QMS)?

Many books mention that for SW quality approach (including testing), one should adhere to and depend on the quality system in the organization. I assume that is QMS based on ISO 9000 which I have no ...
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What is the difference between a software quality analyst, and a software tester

I'm learning about software quality assurance on my own (self-education). I am using a lot of youtube videos and I'm also googling some of questions. I have just realized that there are differences ...
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