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State diagrams or state-charts are part of business analysis, usually used for displaying a workflow or in general to chart a state changes of part of the system in finite number of predefined states.

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Should you write tests that are basically for no-op to catch errors? (e.g. test a transition does NOT happen in a state machine)

When writing tests for a state machine, should you also test conditions that would not trigger transitions to make sure they don't? E.g. for a software requirement transition from A to B if x is ...
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What is the best way to unit-test a state machine?

I love state machines because they have systematic ways to test it but i would like to discuss some philosophies with you. Referring to the upper state machine, Suppose that we always start a state ...
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ASTQB State Transition Question

Question 28 of the ASTQB Foundation 2018 Sample Exam 1 reads: You have been given the following requirement: A user must log in to the system with a valid username and password. If they fail to ...
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Modeling application state transitions

I am a little bit confused with the "state transition modeling" technique used for testing. On a high-level, we have 3 major states when a user logs into the application under test: logged out ...
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State transitions in software testing

I have got following question in an ISTQB mock exam. Given the following State Table: A B C D E F SS S1 S1 S2 S2 S3 S1 S3 ES S3 ES Question is which are invalid state transitions, but first of ...
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Are state transition diagrams a good software testing technique

I have been looking at different testing techniques and wondered if anyone had some "real world" examples of using state transition diagrams rather than the bog standard clock and light switch ones ...
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