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Static Testing usually refers to testing a product that is exactly or nearly exactly the same from version to version and does not have dynamic content that changes

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What are important rules of static analysis to use in our automated scripts?

I am fan of improving the quality not only of the product I test but also for the test itself. I want to create other customized rules for integrating with sonarqube that does not exist in classic ...
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How many test cases?

I'm having trouble with test cases. I have two questions: Is it necessary to make test cases for all use cases / user stories? Or is it enough to just make test cases for the most important ...
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Test Architecture Design document?

What is Test Architecture Design? I have used Test Design Specification and Test Case Specification before but have not heard of a Test Architecture Design document before. I'm not sure what I should ...
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How to add project in sonarqube?

I successfully configured sonarqube locally and created users. But I am not getting how to add projects for code review in it. I am using it for the first time so don't have much idea about it. Can ...
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How to find the fixpoint of a loop and why do we need this?

I know, that in static analysis of program, we need to find fixpoint to analysis the info loop provided. I have read the wiki as well as related meterials in the book Secure programming with Static ...
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One issue with symbolic execution

I'm reading the slides of a famous random test+symbolic execution software test tool cute's slides. In one slide, I see this claim on classic symbolic execution: So my question is : Why author claims ...
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Why (& how) do Static and Dynamic testing complement each other

Why (& how) do Static and Dynamic testing complement each other?
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Business analysts commonly do testing work, should testers be involved in analysis work?

In my experience, Business Analysts (BA's) are commonly used to perform "happy path" testing when an application is developed. Should the reverse also be true with testers being (more) involved and ...
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