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Test not appearing in dropdown

Trying to test the stb-tester, but the test I have made I have pushed to the box, go to the stb-tester git and it's there, but it is not available in the dropdown to run. How do you get the test into ...
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How can I diagnose and fix set-top box keypress unreliability with stb-tester?

We're using the stb-tester ONE to test our set-top box (STB). We have noticed that sometimes the STB misses some of the IR signals sent from the transmitter (e.g. after several iterations of the same ...
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How should I organise my test-pack to allow me to share an stb-tester ONE between multiple projects?

I'm using the stb-tester ONE to test my set-top box. The Python test-cases are stored in a git repo on the device. I'm about to start a new project and I'm wondering how I can segregate the test ...
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Why do I see lower latencies when using stb-tester than with a camera and a TV?

I'm using stb-tester to measure the latency of my set-top box UI. The test script looks like: def test_measure_latency():"KEY_MENU") start = time.time() m = wait_for_match("...
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How can I get test-results from an stb-tester ONE in CSV format

I'm implementing an automated testing system the stb-tester ONE. I've been able to run tests automatically using the REST API and now I'm implementing the Test Reporting module. I want to be able to ...
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Integration of STB tester with appium

I want to integrate STB tester with Appium so that I can automate video validation test cases of my app. Could anyone give me some tips where to start? I have setup STB tester and Appium. What steps ...