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A test strategy is an outline that describes the testing approach of the software development cycle. It is created to inform project managers, testers, and developers about some key issues of the testing process.

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Documenting Unit Tests

We follow a BDD approach to development, we have our testers creating scenarios from a specification, and these are then given to our developers before any work is started. However, we find that some ...
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Test Strategy Documentation

What are the main points that should be included in a test strategy document for a particular project? I'm not looking at details but more from a high level overview. I would like to make it a brief ...
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What qualities and skills one must develop to project himself as a dynamic QA manager or Lead?

I would like to know what skills and qualities one must muster to project himself as a dynamic QA Manager or Lead. I often hear the management in my organization telling me that I don't come up with a ...
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Upgrade testing strategy diagram

Does anyone know of any diagram or tool that can help me think and chalk out a strategy for upgrade testing? Suppose there is a server side component that can have add-ons, plugins if you will. There ...
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What should be the critieria for the selection of new feature test cases to be moved into build acceptance test suite?

I am working on a project to move new feature test cases to build acceptance test suite. Later on I will also be selecting which test cases should be moved to regression suite. While I was selecting ...
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How do we effectively use mind maps (or anything similar) to demonstrate key areas (to test & impacted) while planning testing of complex new feature?

I was recently testing a new feature that impacts all most the entire application. While I was trying to communicate the business impact to my team I found it difficult to emphasize on it by the ...
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Testing a data de-duplication and matching engine

Has anyone ever tested a row based data de-duplication and matching program (the data could be any personal information like names,addresses and postal codes etc) ? What kind of strategies/tools ...
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What strategies and test cases should I use to test in Agile development?

How do you build test cases vs user stories/features vs requirements? What is your test strategy in agile development model? What is automation test strategy in agile development model?
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Test Plan/Strategy scenario

New here. i have this scenario right here as im applying for my first intern position. i really don't understand what to do here. should i make a testplan document etc? Problem: 1) You're given the ...
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What books or sites you recommend for learning how to create the best testing strategy for a product?

I work for a very complex and configurable product and I need to improve testing strategy for it. I dont want to deep dive into each of numerous test cases created for it before - instead I want to ...
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Can a value be retrieved from Generated Source, using Selenium IDE [closed]

The Scenario: I enter transaction data and submit that data to the application. The application responds with a transaction ID. I then take the Submission Transaction ID and use that ID to query the ...
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