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Deleting a resource using POST method instead of DELETE Method in REST API

I was taking some online course to learn API testing. As per my understanding We can use POST: to add the items (e.g., adding a new book in the library) GET: to view/ see the items (e.g., see the ...
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Is equivalence partitioning test technique is really worth anything?

I am teaching SW testing in a Computer Science department. As expected, I am conducting equivalence partitioning testing. For an exercise, I gave the class a set of 5 rules for code that grades ...
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Can you explain the "Level of Risk" for each features in the context of writing 'Test Plan: Features to be tested'? Note: test plan format- IEEE 829

According to IEEE 829 format for Test Plan, under the section "6. Features to be tested" it has been stated that- "Set the level of risk for each feature. Use a simple rating scale such as (H, M, L): ...
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How can it be verified that all automatic updates for the host operating system are blocked?

Our application needs to run in a locked-down operating system. Due to quality and regulatory concerns, all updates shall be prevented or blocked. For example, we go through a checklist of Windows ...
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How to apply software International Standard ISO/IEC 27001 and 27018

We hire some developing company to build software for us and we agree with them that they follow the ( International Standard ISO/IEC 27001 and 27018 ) I would like to ask how can I be sure that they ...
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What are the good non technical books every professional tester must read which helped someone in real-time projects with specific examples? [closed]

I am looking for non - technical (non IT) books recommendations which are a must/good read for any professional tester which will help him to think/communicate more effectively as a tester. The ...
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Why can't bugs be completely prevented?

What are the chief causes for defect leakage into software despite stringent quality measures being applied? Why do bugs still happen and how can they be mitigated? I know that with good coding ...
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“Use case” vs “Test case” vs “Benchmark scenario”

I am working on a European project proposal and I am writing the work package that deals with the validation of a software system for virtual reality. The tests will be done from a user's perspective ...
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How is System Software Testing different from Application Software Testing?

There are two type of software System Software (e.g. operating systems, firmware on devices, etc.) Application Software (e.g. desktop applications, web applications, web sites etc.) Both ...
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