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Questions tagged [team-city]

TeamCity from JetBrains is a continuous integration tool and a distributed Java-based build management system that can be highly beneficial to teams using an agile development approach.

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0 answers

Upload running test report to bitbucket

I have an automation testing project hosted on bitbucket and teamcity cloud server who running it. The automation testing project will generate a test report dynamically with timestamp name and this ...
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Running Jmeter tests in Teamcity CI/CD as automation tests

I want to add Jmeter tests as build steps in TeamCity CI Deployment server. If tests fail, build will not complete. Please advise in details. I am currently using Jmeter for testing a Rest API ...
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Load testing on CI/CD Teamcity with Jmeter

I want to add Jmeter tests as build steps in TeamCity server. If tests fail, a build will not complete. Please share how to do it. I am currently using Jmeter for testing a Rest API running different ...
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Automated Way To Prove Robustness Of Tests

I have an automated test suite of NUnit Selenium tests written in C#. I am trying to test for my test suite's robustness by running my entire suite say 50 times and viewing an amalgamation of the ...
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Best practice guide for documenting unit tests?

A set of a unit tests for a project 3+ years old, now fail. It seems the tests themselves have become out of date, and I've wasted time trying to find non existent bugs. To prevent this happening ...
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Suggestions to integrate Selenium testing suite into TeamCity or any other CI?

The title may not have been worded correctly but basically here is what I am having trouble researching / figuring out: What I have: A full set of automated tests written in C# Selenium that tests ...
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Automated Tests Hanging TeamCity Build

I am using TeamCity to build a .dll containing a test suite for an api.  The api is composed of asynchronous calls to create/read/update/delete values in a database.  The tests in the .dll were ...
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Deploying Selenium RC tests with Teamcity

I'm looking at setting up my Selenium tests in a QA environment, which will run with a TeamCity build each time. This seems to be the best resource I've come across so far, where someone has gone ...
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