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Team management is the process of organizing a team of individual contributors. Alternatively, team management is the set of individuals who organize teams of individual contributions. Contrast with the [test-management] tag.

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Good resources for building a QA team

Our corporation has, up until this point, largely lacked a 'quality mentality' of any kind. From no testers, they went to two testers - but 5 or 6 product teams still rely on a mix of developer and ...
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Implementing the Test Pyramid as QA

Recently I have begun building out Unit Testing for my dev team during down time in an attempt to implement the Test Pyramid. My Dev Managers seem rather excited about it and on-board with the idea. ...
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Should Testers first discuss a bug with the developers before writing a bug report?

In my previous project, whenever the QA team used to find bugs/defects, they used to communicate the problem/issue to the developer sitting next to them, verbally. In this approach, most of the time, ...
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6 answers

Bug hunts and possible alternatives?

Recently, our QA department has been running bug hunts. Once a sprint all the teams do 10 min demos then they spend the whole day submitting bugs for a feature getting ready for release. They've been ...
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How to sell a bug?

As Cem Kaner said: The best tester is not the one who finds the most bugs or who embarrasses the most developers. The best tester is the one who gets the most bugs fixed. Which refers to a ...
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How to explain the concept of test automation to a team that only knows manual testing?

I have been working as a QA in our 9 developer team for about a year. Had lots of 'firsts' within the year between personal and professional life. I replaced a QA who only did manual testing and ...
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8 answers

Is % of escaped defects a good KPI for a tester performance?

% of escaped defects means how many defects were found by customers post a release. It has been proposed as one of the metrics to evaluate testers' performance in one of the companies I know. I ...
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Testers Performance Indicators / Metrics

What are the key performance indicators which you all are using in your company with respect to testers? As with any metric it can easily be skewed as testers and developers will often play to the ...
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6 answers

Different testing approaches for different teams?

I'm responsible for introducing QA to two teams in the same company (let's call them A and B). None of them had any systematic QA before. A and B develop two different products use different ...
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2 answers

What test management system should I use?

There must be many questions like this on the site but I have some unique requirements that affect my choice of test management / QA process management system. This is for managing the test cases and ...
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3 answers

How to assess QA employee performance? [closed]

I often hear people talking about about Performance Metrics and Key Performance Indicators, but how to define quality engineering productivity exactly? What is it and how to measure? And what are some ...
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How do I set specific (%) QA targets on reduction in bugs for the year?

We're starting from a relatively small number of bugs currently, hence my challenge. In other words, bug slippage is currently quite low already, but I have been tasked to make it even lower. If we ...
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What are some Career options after QA Testing field? [closed]

I am a Lead QA/Testing Engineer on the team who has worked on lot of Good manual/black-box testing and Automation testing projects, throughout my career. Now I'm a bit confused and Not sure what will ...