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Questions tagged [team]

Team is a group of people who work together to achieve the same goal.

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53 votes
16 answers

What are the key properties of a great QA team member?

Provided you are ready to hire your first (or next) QA team member, what are the key properties of a person you will pay attention to?
74 votes
15 answers

What kind of testing should a developer do before passing a build to the QA team?

As a developer my knowledge of best QA practices, etc., are limited to know just enough to get me by writing unit tests, etc. From a tester's point of view, what testing procedures should the ...
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22 votes
5 answers

What additional benefits does an software engineer bring to a QA position

I have noticed in the last few years that employers are now looking for QA/Developers (QA engineers that have been skilled developers). I would like to know what others believe are the actually ...
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7 votes
7 answers

What practices do you use to Test-infect your engineers?

Let me start with some contexts in the form of a quote from JUnit Test Infected: Programmers Love Writing Tests: The Problem Every programmer knows they should write tests for their code. Few do. The ...
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23 votes
6 answers

How do you tell a programmer they're not testing their own code enough?

Suppose you're working with bright programmer, but every time you test the code you find a serious, obvious bugs. Things the programmer could have noticed if they did their own testing before checking ...
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22 votes
10 answers

How does a tester decide how much debugging/investigation to do before handing an issue over to development?

A common question from the testers I mentor is "When do I stop investigating on an issue, log a defect with everything I've found/determined so far, and hand it over to dev?" I have yet to come up ...
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19 votes
14 answers

When is it OK not to have dedicated testers/QA team?

I noticed that there are no dedicated QAs in the stackexchange team. Since they are indeed making an awesome product, I wonder: When is it possible to have an absence of dedicated quality assurance ...
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17 votes
7 answers

What factors should affect the ratio of QA/Test staff vs. App Developers

I've worked in a variety of environments with differing ratios of QA / SDET personnel vs. developers focused on building and maintaining application features. Is there such a thing as a "right" ...
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13 votes
3 answers

How to deal with testers who do more than test

In my firm, we don't have testers, exactly. We have analysts who translate business requirements into specifications. (Think the guy from Office Space, except these guys actually provide some value. ...
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8 votes
5 answers

Is there a name for these kinds of tests?

In our company we have established some rule that from time to time (once a week or every few days) the whole team spends half an hour of testing their own software in its current state. We ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is it OK to use the classes under test to initialize the database for the tests?

I am working at a small in-house dev department in a non-IT organisation. Me and another junior dev are creating a mid-sized CRUD web application in ASP MVC. There is no formal test process in our ...
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