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any systematic method to carry out a test in a scientific way.

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How should you interview for QA *Automation* positions?

A variant on the How should you interview for QA positions? I am interviewing candidates for an Automation position, we don't use commercial automation tools, but rather use a framework using mainly ...
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Deployment Testing

What kind of things should be looked at after you have deployed a new system? So far I can think of the following: Things to check: a) Check it deploys to right folder: Open machine where build ...
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Setting up QA Department from Scratch (Web Development)

So I'm going to be starting a Job here in a few weeks, I've been doing QA for about 6 years now. Pretty much your standard Test Plans/Testing with a little normal SysAdmin stuff that sometimes comes ...
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Teaching Quality Assurance (QA) Methods

I'm in the process of trying to teach my team the ins and outs of Quality Assurance, but am running into some challenges distilling "QA" to its base elements. I have many years of experience that ...
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What are the benefits of Block Testing?

I came across the term "Block Testing" in the book "How We Test At Microsoft". I can't really see how this should be applied, should you do this instead of statement testing? From what I understand ...
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