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For questions related to the Telerik testing framework, or other Telerik tools.

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Telerik vs TestComplete for Silverlight web application automation

I am looking to automate regression testing of our web application software. Has anyone used Telerik or TestComplete before for testing Silverlight applications, and if you have, can you share your ...
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How to add selenium dlls to test studio?

Can anyone tell me how to add selenium dlls to test studio and write selenium code in Telerik Test Studio. When i am trying to add selenium dlls to Test Studio using "Settings" -> Script - Add ...
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Can we use telerik test studio to check automated email functionality?

Need to test whether an email is getting sent to a specific email ID (Gmail) when a specific action is done from the application under test. Can we automate this using telerik test studio?
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How can I upload Telerik Test Studio test results to TestLink

I would like to integrate Telerik Test Studio with TestLink. Does anyone know how to do it?
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Testing Telerik UI for WPF controls using QTP/UFT

We are in the initial stages of testing Telerik controls using UFT/QTP. We used Telerik UI for WPF Sample Application Using the sample application, we tried identifying certain controls. But we found ...
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Is it possible to convert Telerik test studio tests to selenium?

After a change of tooling, we now have a combination of Telerik test studio tests and selenium tests. Is it possible to covert Telerik test studio into Selenium WebDriver tests?
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Good resources/tutorials/tips for beginner doing automation?

I've just started automating all the tests our team has (~5000). I'm using Telerik Test Studio for the Silverlight automation. I have some tests written, but I'm quickly realizing that with each test ...
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Choosing a tool for iOS UI automation providing recording and inspection of elements

I'm a complete newbie to automation testing. I am facing problems in the tools that i'm using for testing an iOS native application on iPad. The tools that I have tried so far and the problems i'm ...
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Will any version of QTP with any available extentions support Telerik's controls for ASP.NET MVC apps

Could you pls share your experience if you have evere tried to automate ASP.NET MVC application testing with QTP , if this web site uses telerik extensions for mvc3 extensivly. Yes we know ...
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Testing drag-and-drop with Selenium 2 on Telerik controls

I need to automate drag and drop functionality with Telerik controls, I currently use WatiN for my automation (see related quesiton Testing drag-and-drop with Watin on Telerik controls . I am ...
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