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The process it takes to create a test case.

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Writing test cases for a test with repetitive test steps

I have a task where I need to test payment through different payment methods (31 methods). What is the best practice in writing test cases with repetitive test steps? Should I just use "Repeat steps 1-...
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Is it possible to "send" parameters to shared steps in MTM?

I want to know if is possible to pass parameters values to shared steps in MTM? I have one product that have the same test cases as other but the values of the expected results are different. So it ...
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Test cases for a weather widget

In one of my recent interviews, there was a question: Write the functional and non-functional test cases for a weather app / widget. Note: Test coverage is important than numbers. I wrote the ...
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What should i test while fetching data from the database?

I am using django python framework for building web application. I am new to testing and i have lot of doubts. Consider my statements below and please let me know whether am i right or not? Consider i ...
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What is a good checklist for risk based testing?

Few days ago, I have checked the tests of my node project. There are a lot of tests, but I ask myself which tests are necessary and which are not. I searched google and found very interesting strategy ...
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How should I create test cases for things that should not be present?

How should I create a test case, or what should the test case be, when the scenario is for a function that shouldn't be in the system? I'm creating test cases based on the FSD (Functional ...
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Is it ok to use Gherkin syntax to describe scenarios for backend applications?

I use gherkin syntax to write the scenarios of features that involve user interaction. However, I'm not sure if it is the correct syntax to describe scenarios to test backend applications. If your ...
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Test ideas for a real-time comment system [closed]

I am testing functionality that allows different users to exchange comments in real-time i.e. every user receives updates on all the events (comment added, comment deleted, total number of comments ...
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Should finding specific data to test with be included in the test steps

When testing our website, I usually have to find a customer order with which I can test. I do this by running queries against various databases. Once I find the order that will work, I begin the ...
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Should test cases contain more than one step with expected result (ISO 29119 definition)

There is a big dispute in the software testing world. In general, a test case is a pair of an input and an expected output (or as many books say, it mostly has just a single step: do sth and check it)....
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Pairwise Testing - How do you find the most important cases?

Currently I have to create manual test cases for a feature with 64 different combinations. I think it is not useful to create test cases for all of them. How do I find the most important combinations? ...
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Valid Equivalence Partition testing

I've read a number of papers and books on equivalence partitioning but can't seem to get my head around this one part. My question is: Are these valid equivalence partitions? Let say I have a program ...
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What test generators do exist?

What tools exist to automatically generate test scripts (or test script templates) from a formal specification or a program's source code? EDIT: The background of this question is, that I’m ...
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Are there common techniques for testing the conformance of an implementation to a general contract?

Say you have defined some abstract interface and you specify a general contract for that interface to which all implementations must adhere. Are there common techniques that can facilitate testing the ...
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Layer testing - How should I test data replication/update?

I have a development background and now I'm starting with software QA. While building a solution developers often create code which is shared among different platforms/applications. One example is the ...
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Is it effective to have the tester of the software also be the business analyst?

I work as a business analyst leading the charge on a medium sized internal software project. It's my job to create the requirements, design the UI, write the functional specs, work with the ...
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Regression testing for web services and SharePoint workflows - What should I research?

Apologies if this question has been addressed before or not relevant to this exchange. I did some initial searching and I've only recently discovered this area of stackexchange so I'm unsure of the ...
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PHP: code instrumentation library to capture/record new unit test cases?

I have a library that seems to work as intended. I would like to add some instrumentation to the library to capture (some) current input and the result and save that as a test case. Is there a library ...
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Why bother writing/executing a test whose results will never be used?

A discussion with friends recently wandered on to the topic of tests that are executed yet whose results are never used. Why bother running them? Why bother even writing them? Thinking of them we all ...
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How do you drive what testcases to write based on a large decision table?

I have constructed a large decision table based on the possible inputs I can have. My question is, how do I determine what test cases to write?
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Should automated tests be efficient?

I've written and edited a bunch of automated GUI tests. In some cases, the tests are inefficient (eg to select an item from a list, instead of a clever search, a dialog is opened and starting fro the ...
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Difference between "Testing Behaviour" and "Test Case"

I'm new to software testing and would like to know the difference between "test case" and "testing behavior". For example, a registration form on the web has the following fields: ...
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Page Objects design issues

I have started using the Selenium 2 /Webdriver web automation framework a couple of weeks ago and I'm generally pleased, but I find myself unsure about how to best design my Page Objects. The ...
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When writing manual test cases and scripts, how much detail is too much detail when documenting the steps?

One of the things that I try to balance when writing out test scripts for manual testing is trusting that the person executing the test (which may not always be me) is reasonably competent to know how ...
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How do you approach a new project from a testing perspective?

I am preparing an initial test plan document for a new project. The project involves several layers of HW and software and requires mainly black box testing but also some level of grey box testing (...
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Testing NOSQL DB's like distributed Cassandra

Has anybody worked on testing Cassandra DB which is a NOSQL distributed DB? What are the important things to be taken into account while doing this?
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1.5 Million lines of code. 0 tests. Where should we start?

I'm a Java developer by trade. I was 'brought-up' in what you could call best practices. Then I took my current job. I had a choice between the Java/SOA team, and the ERP team. I was told that joining ...
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