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Questions tagged [test-data]

Test Data can refer to the inputs for a program, which might also include any configuration/setup data, but also the data outputs which might require further analysis to detect issues.

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3 answers

Controlling database state in Selenium UI Testing

We have a big test suite with around 300+ tests. Nowadays we are manually restoring database and creating few Data Objects and hard coding some data to feed into the tests. However, there are a lot of ...
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9 answers

Copying Production Data to a QA Environment

Many companies have a match of their production platform available in a QA environment, with the only difference being that the QA environment connects to QA datasources (which generally contain fake ...
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9 answers

What are some Invalid data inputs that will break a text box?

I am testing an web-based enterprise application created in Asp.Net. I am testing a text box which accepts alpha-numeric character and maximum 255 chars. Apart from normal boundary values, nulls, ...
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4 answers

Please suggest some ideas to test an IVR system?

I have to test an DTMF tones via keypad with toll free number, which has a company IVR automated response system. The IVR allows the user to login to the system and user can know account balance, talk ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What criteria should be considered when testing report generation

My web application generates a lot of reports in formats like excel sheet, Csv(comma-separated values), fixed width columns, pdf format, html reports etc based on the parameters I select. There is a ...
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14 votes
9 answers

Testing using real data of the customer

Is it common to use real data of the customer to perform testing? What policies companies apply regarding using real data of the customer for testing purposes? Is there any legislations regarding such ...
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8 votes
7 answers

Scrubbing Production Data For Test?

We had an issue today where several thousand customers received a notification in error due to a subset of data from our production system being used in a test system. There's been some disagreement ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Generate test data in which format

What is the best approach to make test data configurable ? Through XML file or properties file or any other way. But must not be hard coded. What approach should be taken to run the same Test Suit ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is it OK to use the classes under test to initialize the database for the tests?

I am working at a small in-house dev department in a non-IT organisation. Me and another junior dev are creating a mid-sized CRUD web application in ASP MVC. There is no formal test process in our ...
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5 votes
9 answers

Test data to test form input fields?

I am testing web based user profiles forms which have multiple fields like input box, radio buttons, checkboxes, combo-boxes, alphanumeric fields etc. what are some good tests that I can run to find ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Setting up test data efficiently for large sets of integration tests: per test or not?

With huge sets of integration tests, data setup is becoming somewhat of an obstacle in terms of runtime. What is your experience to tackle similar situations? Scenario: 200 API integration tests ...
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2 answers

Automation data setup: via SQL or via APIs?

I've had this discussion recently and would appreciate some more opinions and experiences of this community. When setting up data for integration tests (API or UI), is the favored approach via SQL or ...
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