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Test Data can refer to the inputs for a program, which might also include any configuration/setup data, but also the data outputs which might require further analysis to detect issues.

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Voice Assistant Testing Samples

I am attempting to evaluate several audio codecs to determine their suitability to transcode speech for use with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. From my own research, there ...
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Test data management for automation api testing

Can you help me with some ideas on how to deal more efficent with test data used as precondition for automated api tests? I can’t use api calls for creating the data, so I would have to use sql ...
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Why would testing summer and winter solstice matter?

On Ministry of Testing site there is the Checklist for Testing Web Page Functionality. In Date & Time section, there is a "Summer and winter solstice (26: e mars kl 02-03 and 29: e October 02-...
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Integration tests and data used in these tests

I read a lot about unit and integration tests and how they work with maven and java and how it works with Continuous Integration. I am using Flyway for db migrations, the schema part is already done. ...
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What are the validations I need to perform before transferring data from source system to target system and if my source system doesn't any have data?

What are the validations I need to perform Before transferring data from source system to target system? If my source system doesn't have data to transfer to DWH, how do I test in that scenario?
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