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What Test Automation skills should a Engineer posses in 2021? [closed]

I see Automation engineers learning lot of tools like jenkins, docker, cloud tools, Kubernates, git, vmware, etc. In 2021, what skills should a highly skilled Automation resource have to become a ...
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Can Test Automation Engineers call themselves Software Developers or Programmers? [closed]

One of my colleague asked me if what I do is a part of software development. He said that can you call yourself a developer or a programmer/coder or someone who is creating/developing test scripts for ...
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Who are the most popular Selenium Automation experts and advocates? [closed]

I am a newbie in Selenium WebDriver and have started my journey of learning the tools. I wanted to follow blogs/articles/tutorials of most famous and expert Automation engineers who work primarily on ...
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How to teach test automation engineers to use a debugger

Context: It seems a lot of test engineers do not know how to use a debugger. This is based on the fact that we get a lot of null-pointer exception questions that can easily be solved if you know how ...
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Tools & Practices for Test Environments? [closed]

Just been given responsibility for managing the companies Non Production Environments and Data i.e. Development & Test Environments. What tools and practices are can you recommend? Yodel FYI I ...
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What is the difference between Quality assurance engineer and a tester?

In our country we don't have a designation as software tester. But everything is done by software quality assurance engineers (designation). I'm trying to apply for foreign jobs and when I go through ...
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Typical duties of customer support engineers, customer's test engineers and on-site system test engineers?

Is there any difference between customer support engineers, customer's test engineers & on-site system test engineers? I particularly want to know the typical duties for each role, how they are ...
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Learn Software Testing and Automation Testing [closed]

I have been working as Developer(Java/Grails) since 3 years, I would like to switch to Testing specially Automation testing. I would like to ask for some help. I just cannot yet decide what to refer ...
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