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Use for questions about managing the test process, including organizing test cases and test results.

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How to keep test cases synced with HP ALM after refactoring?

We're planning to automate test synchronization between HP ALM QC and our TestNG test cases. We want to keep them synced in the following scenarios: Test adding: When creating TestNG test, a test ...
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Starting testing from scratch in existing software project

The question is: "How to implement testing from scratch? How to structure things?" I have taken the position of Head of QA in a start-up company. The situation is that they have a software ...
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Linking automated unit tests to Test cases

I'm working with a piece of software with over 4000 automated unit/security tests. I've been tasked with bringing requirements into an ALM. What's confusing me, is the best way to handle Test Cases. ...
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Appropriate way to organize tests given new hardware features

I work with network/server infrastructure. On of our products (a server host) now supports wire connections with SFP(+) modules for copper (RJ45) and fiber (previously only RJ45). The tests for our ...
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Randomization test with constraints

My current project is written in C++. It takes a certain config file to do various work. There are a large number of parameters inside the config. I would like to do randomization test for those ...
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Test management tool (MTM/TFS or HP ALM) integration with Gitlab, Jira, TestComplete

My company uses Gitlab for code check-in, Jira for bug reporting, and TestComplete for automation. We are looking for a test management tool that will integrate with our existing tools. The choice is ...
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Jira Test Center plugin with similar functionality to the Jama Test Center

I am working on a new project for which requirements are being managed in Jira. My previous experience is using Jama to manage requirements, test cases and finally test cycles and test runs. I really ...
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How to test an application that implements some cryptographic stuff?

I want to implement the following homomorphic encryption scheme from On-the-Fly Multiparty Computation on the Cloud via Multikey Fully Homomorphic Encryption by Lopez-Alt et al. I use C++ and I want ...
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Testing 21 search criteria and their combinations

Say I have a page with search function. The search function has 21 search criteria. If I want to test all combinations of criteria can be used, to calculate the number of times to test should be 21! ...
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Jira Xray copy / push steps of a testcase to git (bitbucket)

I would like to commit / push all test steps of a jira-xray issue into git without writing custom code for the provided XRAY REST APIs. The workflow should be something like this Each day all jira ...
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Is there a plugin to retrieve Azure Devops Test plan test cases to Jira stories

Tricentis qTest has a integration where in Jira tickets can be linked to the test cases in qTest and the associated test cases will be shown in the Jira ticket in a qTest section. I'm trying to find ...
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How can I format the current date and time and then use them in a variable in GoTest?

I use the keyword... get date But I have a date with the format like this Sun May 11,2014 9:60 p.m. I need to convert it in to this format 2014. I tried to put this
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Defect Removal Efficiency confusion

I have read several articles by Capers Jones, who states that: Defect Detection Efficiency (DDE): percentage of defects found after release Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE): percentage of fixed ...
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how do you automate test a enterprise security software application?

I have been assigned to automate test a enterprise security software which will be installed on client computers with different operating systems (linux, windows). my team challenge is to setup a ...
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Structuring of a test strategy paper (Review)

The first step is not to create a test plan, but a strategy paper which should provide basic information about the planning of a new concept. Since I am here with a customer who needs information for ...
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How to organise test cases for configurable application

With multiple clients I’m stuck how to document different varieties: Take for example cancellation: one client has cancellation period x another y third one does not have cancellation option. ...
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Reducing production failures in case of multiple releases across multiple projects on a daily basis

Currently, I'm handling QA for umpteen number of projects (web and mobile). All these projects have multiple features being rolled out on a daily basis. The number of production bugs increased ...
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