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Test approach to be followed during software testing.

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ISTQB Advanced Level - Test Manager Exam (AL-TM; Core) they provide the answer to the question was wrong

I am practicing ISQTB _test management exam while going through the sample question i feel that they provide the answer to the question was wrong This is the question Evaluate the status of the ...
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As professional tester what approach/techniques you personally use to find important bugs faster and early in test process?

Background: This is important in general for any testing but I think this is particularly more important in agile when a critical feature is on the line which needs to be released early for various ...
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Is Orthogonal Array Testing similar to Design of Experiments?

I am studying software testing and I see this topic, in the past I was studying Six Sigma and I saw Design of Experiments, and these look similar to me.
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What's the difference between behavioral testing and gray box testing, isn't the same? [closed]

I know that gray box testing is a combination between black and white testing and behavioral testing is mainly black with possibility that testers read design or code on the basis of their knowledge ...
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How many test cases can I run if I'm using domain testing?

I'd like to understand what is domain testing, and how do we use it to calculate coverage (if possible)? My question is imagine I have 3 loops in series and I'm using domain testing approach how many ...
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Testing COE (Center of Excellence) is there any need of such team in such Ery of Agile world?

Being hardcore techie, I have been fortunate to work/lead lot of Test COE (Center of Excellence) initiatives of either improving QA Process or Designing Resualble Front end/back end Automation ...
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How do I execute/test a large set of test cases with limited time and resources?

We have a large set of test cases but limited time and resources to execute/test them all. We thought but it's not possible to execute/test everything. I want to know strategies which will be ...
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How can I make a smooth transition from being a Black-Box Tester to an expert Automation Engineer?

I have worked as a functional, black-box tester for over 8 years in the Software Industry. I am a skilled exploratory tester and have found a lot of critical problems in many products over the years. ...
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How can a Tester use Heuristics effectively to generate good test ideas?

I have tried to use Test design Heuristics to guide my strategy for test design. For instance, during exploratory test session, I use different tours like file tour, menu tours. Can you give real-...
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Is there any tool for generating decision table from cause effect graph?

I learned about cause effect graphing and it looks like a valuable test case generating method. The issue is that it's hard to generate the decision table from the graph by hand. So I was wondering if ...
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How do I test a ranking system?

Let us assume we have 3 students in a class who have secured the below marks. =============================================== | | Maths | English | Science | Rank | |-------------------------...
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What are the downsides of this technique that involves randomness?

I am writing test cases in JavaScript at the moment. One typical scenario I have come across is: Read a text string from a web browser (this string is dependent on a block of json code) Compare this ...
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How to compare two files without looking at the contents

The same file was loaded in to two different environments, and I need to compare the outputs (without opening them up) My only thought is to compare the file size - because if they're both 5726kb ...
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Can I use state transition testing technique to test the change in the status field of a parcel

I have the following GIS requirement with the following business rules: Tool X (used by User1) is designed to change the parcel status from "Unallocated parcel" to "Proposed parcel". User1 select a ...
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Is software testing different when we are dealing with game development?

I was reading this paper about the differences between software development in general and game development and the authors made some good points regarding software testing, pointing out, for instance,...
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What should i test while fetching data from the database?

I am using django python framework for building web application. I am new to testing and i have lot of doubts. Consider my statements below and please let me know whether am i right or not? Consider i ...
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Boundary Value Analysis: Why would you test valid values inside the boundary?

I can't understand why to use two values inside the boundary when using Boundary Value Analysis. For instance, suppose a program has the requirement: Values between 1 and 100 are true, while all other ...
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How to explain what a software tester does to a 6 year old?

We have a curious 6-year old daughter and she asks a lot of questions. Me and my wife both do Quality Assurance, she does it full-time, I do it part-time. Currently, I think we have not managed to ...
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How does knowing the technology behind the system under test help in testing?

How important is it for manual testers to know what technologies/frameworks were used to build an application under test? To be specific: imagine there is a web application written in AngularJS v2 ...
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What is Use Case Testing?

I don't get it why use case testing is divided as a separate testing technique. In use case testing we test cases given by the clients, but we test them with positive and negative tests. So, ...
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Testing techniques and cases (White and black box Testing)

I'm fairly new to this subject. Out of different literature I'm understanding what I show in the image below. My understanding is first you have to create test plan, After test plan you have to ...
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Black box testing methods without knowledge

I stumbled upon some black box techniques (1), but I don't really get how it works. I found sources saying that black box techniques are techniques in which you input something in a program and check ...
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Automated Testing Involving Internet Explorer_Server Controls

I've been tasked with developing a method to functional test and load test an application we're implementing in our environment. The vendor created a shell which uses Internet Explorer_Server ...
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How should you interview for QA *Automation* positions?

A variant on the How should you interview for QA positions? I am interviewing candidates for an Automation position, we don't use commercial automation tools, but rather use a framework using mainly ...
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