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Testability or software testability is the degree to which a software component or artifact (system, module, requirement or document) lends itself to testing.

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How do you ensure your 'passing' tests(UI automated) actually pass?

How do you ensure your passing tests(UI automated) actually pass? As automation engineer I think we should question our passing tests in the same spirit as we dig in our failing tests to find out ...
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ISTQB Foundation Level question (testability of the test basis and test items)

I am having trouble with this ISTQB practice question. I understand how the answer (C) was reached, but I don't understand one of the explanations (for option "A"). Here is the question: ...
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Should architects make their applications aware of whether they are production or not?

I work with an application that can be heavily customized. In many cases for a Greenfield development, the developers and architects will decide to put in place an API that returns what environment ...
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What strategy should follow for Testing after complete data migration process?

We are migrating our legacy product to new product with database changes. I have following questions : What process should we follow ? What are major risk factors? What if we found blocker or ...
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Testing Paid Signup in Production

I'm looking into running tests in production that sign-up a paid user. From the sources I've seen (Google test automation conference, Microsoft Blog) it looks like testing in production (after local, ...
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How can I test Wordpress 4.1 for stability? [closed]

How could I test (suggest me the test techniques, or what to test) if the latest version of Wordpress (4.1) is stable for building a company presentation website? This is more like a kind of ...
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Testability analysis for PHP

Is there any tool that reports on the testability of a PHP codebase? I'm familiarised with what makes the code unit-testable, but I need a way to visualize it so I can easily find which classes can ...
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What does ISTQB say about product testability and maintenance of automated tests in general?

ISO 9126 has a subchapter under maintainability that is called testability. In short: "The capability of the software product to enable modified software to be validated". As our department uses ISTQB ...
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