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TestCafe is a node.js testing tool used for end-to-end web testing

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How to deal with long running operations in End-2-End testing?

We use TestCafé to perform E2E-tests for a rather large management portal. Due to certain dependencies, creating or updating a resource can take up to 30 minutes, which is why we implemented loops ...
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testcafe-reporter-slack fails to report from reportTaskDone method at times

I've been playing around with testcafe-reporter-slack. I face the following problem. First off, all my relevant .testcaferc.json settings for the reporter (just minus the webhook url :)): { "...
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Is it valuable to do end to end testing in a virtual environment?

We have to test an iframe that is developed by our team but launches from a partner website. But currently, there is no way to launch the iframe. So, the team asked us to automate the iframe in ...
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testCafe: How to configure the tests in the same spec file, to execute sequentially?

We are using testCafe for automation. when it comes to executing tests in parallel, test cafe even executes test blocks within the spec file, parallelly. Our tests are independent, but there are some ...
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How can I loop through li elements of a ul in Testcafe

(translated using Google translate) I am trying to loop through the <li> elements of a <ul>, but I cannot make it work. My HTML: <ul class="sc-iFMziU> <li class="sc-keVrkP"&...
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Reusing test code and test files organization in Testcafe

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to organize my test code, i.e. test cases, into suites and runs. On the one hand, tests should, by definition, be independent of each other, that's why I, ...
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How to assert checkbox is marked using JavaScript

I’ve problem to assert that checkbox is checked. I’m using automation web testing framework which recording my clicks and generate JavaScript code. The problem is even if the checkbox is unmarked, ...
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How beneficial to install DevExpress extension to my Visual studio 12?

I am using Visual Studio Coded UI as a test automation tool. Our project manager asked us to install a DevExpress extension to VS2012. I have been searching online but I didn't figure out how ...
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Identify object and parameterization using TestCafe automation tool

I am very new to this tool. I want to learn about it and have installed the trial version but there is no option to capture an object manually. How can I capture an object and parameterize the object ...
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