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Questions tagged [testing-framework]

Testing frameworks allow the execution of tests to determine whether various sections of the code or the whole application are acting as expected under various circumstances

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Benchmark Video Meta Testing Framework

I’m trying to find a good flow/framework to perform benchmark tests. I have a video transcoder CLI app which get as an input a video and output a video. I need to write a script which will compare ...
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Is there a Informix Test Framework available? Or any kind of way to test informix screens?

I am looking for a way to test Informix 4GL screens, such as this one in blue from the left. I have tested similar screens like this, in Mainframe systems using Jagacy Framework. The tests were ...
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Contract like test without requests/rpc

I work on a (python) project that both depends and is depended on by other projects all developed in house. Pkg A --> Pkg B --> Pkg C Currently the API usage of Pkg B in Pkg A is only checked in ...
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TestNG Listener not working on XML

My testing XML is like below <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM ""> <suite name="...
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Not able to Click on the Drop down and wait for element also fail for drop down ID in IFrame with JavaScript

I am unable to click on this dropdown. I tried selecting the dropdown and javascript click and normal click. Waiting for this element to be present also fails. Please provide the solution for the ...
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How do I implement Extent Reports in my REST assured API testing framework?

I have recently started rest assured to automate APIs. My current framework folder structure has an ApiTestCases class in a folder under src/test/java. I have a testNG suite xml to run the tests. How ...
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Sikuli IDE or Eclipse/JAVA for windows based application?

I am trying to prepare a POC using Sikuli. Can any one suggest me what is the best approach to use Sikuli for a windows based application ? Should I use Java with Eclipse or the Sikuli IDE itself?
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How to plan Jmeter test in a Website were multiple tabs and sub-tabs to match user experience

How do i design my Jmeter Test plan to get desired output for the below load test: The User experience and load pattern in the live website is in below order and i want to generate the load based on ...
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