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Questions tagged [testing-framework]

Testing frameworks allow the execution of tests to determine whether various sections of the code or the whole application are acting as expected under various circumstances

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5 answers

Open source tools for automation of Java GUI application testing

The testing tools (or tools that could be used in testing purposes) for testing Java GUI application I know are: Jemmy - jemmy library contains methods to reproduce all user actions which can be ...
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What is a Test Automation Framework?

Some automation engineers use an underlying automation framework as a jar dependency in their selenium web driver project in eclipse. Then, they use the framework to write functional scripting of the ...
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4 answers

One repo or separate repos?

My organization is starting up an automation team, and we are still working on our structures and procedures. We are using Git to store automation code, and we seem to be of two minds; some feel we ...
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6 answers

Is it necessary to have a very complex Automation framework?

I have seen many QA teams in many organization creating very complex and huge test automation frameworks and use concepts like Java reflections, use a lot utility classes, use many many dependencies/...
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Which is the correct page object model design and why?

Issue: The target webpage has many buttons in the page and adding separate abstraction for each method like , click button1 , button2 etc feels like unnecessary and just creates additional lines of ...
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Selenium pros and cons

Selenium seems to be the mainstay in automated functional UI testing. But I'm wondering what peoples thoughts are on the pros and cons of using Selenium? Have any of you chosen another route for ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Protractor Image didn't upload on dialog box?

I want to test the image upload functionality using Protractor but my written script didn't work. When we click on the dialogue box image it opens the window to select the desired image. After the ...
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2 answers

Should a newbie in Test Automation learn the core underlying framework?

I am a complete beginner in Test Automation. I am trying to learn Selenium Webdriver with Java, TestNG, Cucumber(BDD) framework, Build tools like Maven. Now, the problem is that there is an existing ...
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General Purpose Testing Framework written in Golang

By general purpose testing framework it means something like a PyTest. PyTest is written in Python but the framework can be used as a general framework tool to test different kinds of systems those ...
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Do Test Runner and Testing Framework exists separately in Java?

As per my knowledge, test runner is any software that takes testing code and as per the configuration, executes the code and collate the results while the testing framework is basically the name given ...
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Benchmark Video Meta Testing Framework

I’m trying to find a good flow/framework to perform benchmark tests. I have a video transcoder CLI app which get as an input a video and output a video. I need to write a script which will compare ...
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Is there a Informix Test Framework available? Or any kind of way to test informix screens?

I am looking for a way to test Informix 4GL screens, such as this one in blue from the left. I have tested similar screens like this, in Mainframe systems using Jagacy Framework. The tests were ...
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1 answer

Is it a good approach to use a core automation framework(jar file) as opposed to creating all classes of framework yourself?

Some teams in an organization use existing core automation frameworks(made in Java). In my case, I converted it to a jar file artifact and then used it in their Selenium project as a local library/...
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What are the tools can be use for functional testing for an EXTJS application?

I have to test an application developed using extjs. Mainly I have to focus on functional testing. Are there any new tools and frameworks that can be used for testing? I've searched about several ...
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Contract like test without requests/rpc

I work on a (python) project that both depends and is depended on by other projects all developed in house. Pkg A --> Pkg B --> Pkg C Currently the API usage of Pkg B in Pkg A is only checked in ...
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TestNG Listener not working on XML

My testing XML is like below <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM ""> <suite name="...
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Not able to Click on the Drop down and wait for element also fail for drop down ID in IFrame with JavaScript

I am unable to click on this dropdown. I tried selecting the dropdown and javascript click and normal click. Waiting for this element to be present also fails. Please provide the solution for the ...
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How do I implement Extent Reports in my REST assured API testing framework?

I have recently started rest assured to automate APIs. My current framework folder structure has an ApiTestCases class in a folder under src/test/java. I have a testNG suite xml to run the tests. How ...
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Sikuli IDE or Eclipse/JAVA for windows based application?

I am trying to prepare a POC using Sikuli. Can any one suggest me what is the best approach to use Sikuli for a windows based application ? Should I use Java with Eclipse or the Sikuli IDE itself?
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JMeter executing samplers in sequential order wherein each subsequent request depends on the response of the preceding one?

I have a JMeter script wherein the thread group has eight samplers and each sampler depends on the response of the preceding one. When I run this jmx script with 'Number of Threads' as one, it works ...
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Name for testing routes, controller and views

I am currently writing tests for my Laravel 5.1 application and testing the workflow: input data from view to route to controller and back to view, typically checking for a DB record and a success/...
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How to plan Jmeter test in a Website were multiple tabs and sub-tabs to match user experience

How do i design my Jmeter Test plan to get desired output for the below load test: The User experience and load pattern in the live website is in below order and i want to generate the load based on ...
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