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Team Foundation Server is a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite, offered by Microsoft.

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What are the differences between Microsoft Test Manager MTM, Team Foundation Server TFS & Visual Studio Test Professional VSTS?

Recently I got Visual studio Enterprises Subscription from my company and I was asked to prepare the system for testing, With the help of support team somehow I manage to set up the system but during ...
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6 answers

Coded UI vs Protractor

I just joined a new company who doesn't work with any kind of automated tests. I have been hired to start test automation, and looking around I found two interesting options to e2e tests, Protractor ...
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Importing manual tests to TFS

I have some manual tests which I can convert to almost any needed format, e.g. CSV, XML or Excel. How to import import those manual tests to TFS? Which format is needed? I have already looked in ...
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