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Questions tagged [tfs]

Team Foundation Server is a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite, offered by Microsoft.

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How to clone a test plan from the TFS Test Hub (web UI)?

Question One can clone a test plan from Microsoft Test Manager 2017 (desktop application). How is that done from the TFS Test Hub (TFS web interface)? Context In Microsoft Test Manager 2017, one ...
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Can I use TFS as source control for rational functional tester scripts with Eclipse IDE

Is it possible to use TFS source control to manage and store test scripts created with Rational Funtional Tester from Eclipse IDE?
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How to run a Selenium+Java+Maven project that is hosted on Azure DevOps server directly with Jenkins?

I have made a Cucumber based BDD - Selenium, Java, Maven, TestNG Automation framework that has it's source code hosted on Azure DevOps (formally TFS). Now, I have a corporate Jenkins server and I want ...
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Viewing test points (instance of a test case) associated with a tester in TFS (MS Test Professional)

If a test case is assigned to the person who maintains the test and a tester gets associated with a test point, which is a specific configuration of a test, then how does the tester know which tests ...
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How to make a Java library jar file which multiple projects use and how to push latest code changes?

I have few java packages as part of Selenium, Java, Cucumber, Maven automation framework which all projects use. If I create .jar file of it and place it in a separate project/folder in TFS Git ...
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Can test cases from test link be mapped to TFS?

In my project, I would like to map test cases directly from test link to TFS. The test link version that I am using is 1.9.19
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How to add test cases to TFS via REST API

I'm implementing a library to export/synchronize test cases into TFS automaticaly during test run. One of my requirements is that I need to use NodeJS, so I decided to use TFS REST API. In my code I'm ...
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