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Tool for automating the testing of CLI applications

At my job we have a few products that include command line applications with no GUI alternative. In the QA team, we are trying to automate more of our regression testing. We've found and started using ...
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tool recommendation to get line coverage against Manual and Automated test cases (offline instrumentation)

Our team uses the traditional method of building new test cases based on the feature requirements and testing them (manually or through automation) and getting them reviewed by the dev and product ...
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How to structure or architect an automated testing project? [closed]

We are implementing automated testing from scratch and we want to use the Python language. We want to build all the tests, based on Selenium (Acceptance tests), in a project separate from the main one ...
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Implementation of automated workflow testing

I have doubts on how to implement test automation in the company where I am currently. I was wondering what workflow would you suggest? The project I will be working on uses, in its backend, the Java ...
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Can anyone suggest me some good tools to learn in free time? [closed]

I have been into testing since like three years now. Had been into Manual app testing, Game testing and Embedded testing as well. I have already been using POSTMAN, JMeter, Blazemetr, LoadRunner, ...
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Which one is the best tool to test a React JS based application? [closed]

I am looking for a best tool to test a React JS based application. I want to do end to end test with the tool. Could you guys please help me to find the best testing tool for React?
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Testing communication protocols (Bluetooth, WiFi, USB)

At my job, we create some multimedia unit with communication capabilities (Bluetooth, WiFi, USB). How can we test the implementation of these communication protocols in a reliable / "certifiable" way?...
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What test automation tools and approached to use

When we think of test automation , there are tons of options that comes up and few of them like selenium, UFT , protractor , Cypress etc are popular. So when we takes up test automation ...
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Automation tools recommendations for E2E and integration testing a Firestore back-end application?

Does anybody have any experience and/or have any recommendations for automation tools for testing a suite of web applications that rely heavily on Firestore for data storage? We are currently working ...
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In need of a Rogue web server

I am trying to test a http proxy, and how it will behave with it receives rogue http responses. I am looking for a webserver, preferably open-sourced, which I can used to send rogue http responses, ...
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Is there any way to monitor the stats of an Android application?

Let's say I've installed an app on my Android phone and I'm using it. Is there any way I could monitor the various activity that the app is doing on the phone and gather stats around it? I'm talking ...
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