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TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript created by Microsoft that adds optional types, classes, interfaces and modules and compiles to plain JavaScript. TypeScript includes advanced features such as generic types, type inference, lambda functions, string templates (interpolation), destructuring and more.

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Playwright - Target Closed before any action

I am trying playwright and try to automate login feature. I have page classes, test classes and separate action class to write common actions like click,enter inputs. My common action class import { ...
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Chrome driver and chrome browser version is matching but selenium tests are failing

I am trying to resolve a compatibility issue between Chromedriver and Chrome browser, but none of the solutions I have tried have worked so far(mentioned below). I have latest chrome driver and chrome ...
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How to resolve "Error: TypeScript compilation failed." issue in Gitlab CI?

I'm trying to learn to create a pipeline in Gitlab. All my tests fail because of the compilation issue. My code is included below along with the error message. import loginPage from "../...
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how to get list of files in a directory recursively in Cypress?

I wrote this code and it works fine, that is written in TypeScript. When I use the same code in the test file in Cypress I get error TypeError: fs.readdir is not a function import * as fs from 'fs' ...
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