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HP Unified Functional Testing 12.52 (UFT 12.52) is the version of the Unified Functional Testing functional and regression test automation tool, and the successor to HP Unified Functional Testing 12.50 developed by Hewlett-Packard.

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How to check webservice response in database using Selenium or UFT

I have an application. Different web services gets called when any action is performed. Let me explain my scenario: When I update a value in application, it also gets updated in LPS system. The LPS is ...
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How to re run the test failed in batch runner programatically?

I have a certian number of scripts that i run in a batch runner. I want that if a test fails, it should run again once. i want to programatically re run the test incase it fails or enters a recovery ...
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UFT shows "The operation cannot be performed" message when setting cell data in checkbox in Java Table

UFT shows "The operation cannot be performed" message when setting cell data in Java Table: JavaWindow("Name1").JavaDialog("Name2").JavaTable("Name3").SetCellData 8, 0, 1
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Using objects in repository to describe/gather collection of similar objects

Is it possible to use a Test Object in the repository as a description object, to identify a collection of similar objects? I want to manage the identification of objects with discriptive programming, ...
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How to limit test execution time in UFT/QTP?

I came across some situations (twice in one day, and I see they will not be rare) when test can run infinite time. Like there is a wait realisation for some account operation but there is an error ...
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UFT Run Results Viewer does not open test results

TLDR HP Run Results Viewer of UFT 12.52 shows Could not load run result. message on opening test result. About UFT 12.52 Results viewing UFT 12.52 has two possibility for results viewing: 1. ...
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Why JavaObject can not be addressed with descriptive programming in UFT 12.52

I am trying to address JavaObject (JPanel) by means of descriptive programming (DP) JavaWindow("label:=some label").JavaDialog("title:=some title").JavaObject([descriptor]) I checked existence of ...
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What are the Best Free HP QTP / UFT Advanced eLearning Training Videos & Tutorials?

I am new to HP QTP / UFT Automation tool. Could you please suggest some free good websites that provide elearning, training, tutorials, and videos for mastery of HP's QTP software. What is QTP? HP’s ...