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Modern Selenium library to pick

I have been doing Selenium automation around 2013 - 2014. By that time there were only 2 bindings available (or maybe I knew only about 2) - Java and C#. I remember I would have to write so much code ...
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How do we react as a real users while testing the web application

Any ideas and suggestions to test web applications as a real user perspective. The reason while asking this question is while doing UI testing we are more concentrating on the functionality for the ...
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Free crossbrowser testing tool? [closed]

I was looking for a tool to test my website in different browsers on different Operating systems. Is there any free tool or service for this. Except for IETestter. Basically to do a usability testing.
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Do testers perform usability tests of API?

Many teams do not deliver GUI but a library or a service that is used by other developers. For instance: A company provides REST APIs and client libraries for their customers to use their services ...
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