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Is it necessary to Assert web page title in every case?

I am writing a script in Selenium and TestNG to automate Add User profile pages. Now, when I land on every new page, then do I need to write Assert.equals("add user profile", driver.gettitle(...
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How to test a process that involves an email using Ruby?

For instance login thru email verification requires you receive and respond to an email. There seems to be a solution in Java called GreenMail. Does anyone know of a Ruby solution?
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How to verify the body context using Assert command [closed]

I want to pass my test.When I run my test it gets fail because expected and actual is not matching. How to do with assert command? When I copy the actual value it shows like an error: {"level":"...
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How to verify two images using Selenium WebDriver? [duplicate]

Webdriver does not provide direct any function to image verification, but we can verify images by taking two screenshots of the whole web page using TakeScreenshot WebDriver function, one at script ...
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