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2 answers

Selenium automation execution hanging on CI server during failure

Ideally all test cases are taking 4 to 5 mins to complete whole execution of automation in CI build server(VSTS build server), now the same set of test cases are taking more than 30mins or hanged when ...
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1 answer

MS Visual Studio 2017- Unable to Merge multiple graphs in a single graph

It's regarding of load test results analysis- I am unable to merge multiple graphs in a single graph. Ex- By default VSTS has configured a different set of individual graphs like Key Indicators, ...
1 vote
1 answer

How to add Dependent request filter as load test plugin in VSTS?

Tool: VSTS I have around 10 web-tests under a single load test. I have written web-test plug-in that will remove 404 Not found errors for dependent requests (such as gif files). I have added the web-...
2 votes
2 answers

What are the Differences in Test Management with TFS vs MTM for 2017 vs 2012?

What are the Differences in Test Management with Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio, & Microsoft Test Manager for 2017? testing activities processes as of 2012 are: Create backlog items (in ...